Principal's Message

Welcome to Linda Vista and the 2019-2020 School Year!

As we begin this year, we are ready for new and exciting changes and continuing the programs Linda Vista loves.

I am your Principal Gigi Kelley. This is my second year at Linda Vista, and I am a proud Leopard. The six years prior, I was the Principal of another school in OUSD.

With the beginning of our 2019/20 school year, you will find there have been changes made over the summer.  We have said goodbye to several staff members, and hello to new ones. The front of the school has changed and now we have a new grand entrance.


This we will continue using iPads and/or Chromebooks to enhance learning. Classrooms participating in the program will use these technologies to share Information, organize thoughts and learning, and aspire to great heights, readying themselves for the future. We plan to increase the amount of devices available to each classroom this year, with the support of the PTA and YOU

Our PTA is helping us to continue our Physical Education and Music programs this year. Each week our students participate in structured activities that meet physical education standards. Our Music program is held each monthly, beginning in September, and provides students with basic music activities presented through song. All students at Linda Vista will again this year be participating in Science-on-the-Go and Art Masters.

When coming to Linda Vista, whether to drop off or pick-up your child, or meet with a teacher, remember our parking lot can be challenging. We have about 450 students with less than 50 parking places. Remembering to BE SAFE, BE KIND, and BE RESPONSIBLE is important for any Leopard, whether a student or parent.

As your New Principal, I will strive to keep you informed of all the happenings at Linda Vista. Always check our website for information, participate in PTA, and follow Linda Vista on Twitter: LindaVistaOUSD

I know that I am looking forward to this year; I hope you are as well.